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Brazza’s wedding

On the 12th of August 1895 Pierre de Brazza married Thérèse Pineton de Chambrun, daughter of Charles-Antoine de Chambrun and of Marie-Henriette de Corcelle. From her mother, Thérèse descended from La Fayette. The futur couple met throuh Virginie d’Abbadie, the famous explorer Antoine d’Abbadie Abbadie (Antoine d’)(1810-1897)
French explorer and scientist who crossed Ethiopia along with his brother Arnaud and later on by himself from 1837 to 1848.  In 1892 Antoine d’Abbadie became President of the Society of Geography.
’ wife. The count Henri de Castries and Charles de Chavannes were Pierre’s best men, and the marquis de Chambrun, his brother, and M de Corcelle, his uncle, were Thérèse’s witnesses. They had the quietest wedding in the Count de Chambrun’s hotel Chapel, in “la rue Monsieur” in Paris. Brazza wore a rich, gold embroidered uniform of a commissioner general of Congo. Addressing Thérèse, the deputy mayor praised the explorer :
"what history may remember, what your French heart felt is that M de Brazza succeeded in giving France a colony whose riches are immeasurable, counting on the civilizing strength he had in himself, he created a novel policy made of seduction, patience and humanity, and surprising many men of action he accomplished a grandiose and enduring work".
After their wedding Pierre and Thérèse de Brazza left for Italia. In October they were to be found in Paris where Brazza tried a new invention, the bicycle.
"Everybody is moving by bicycle in the streets. I was amazed the first days. Then after thinking about it I said to myself : I have to try that as well, for God sake ! and that the way it happened".
In December 1895 the couple left for Africa. They had 4 children : Jacques born in 1899 who died at 4 of appendicitis, Antoine, Charles and Martha. Thérèse died in 1948 in Algiers.
Pierre de Brazza and Thérèse (©CAOM all rights reserved)
Pierre de Brazza and Thérèse de Chambrun’ s matrimony Mrs d’Abbadie’s letter to Thérèse de Chambrun Thérèse de Chambrun, her mother and brothers Pierre de Brazza and Thérèse Pierre de Brazza, Thérèse with friends in Algiers Jacques, Antoine and Charles de Brazza