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Accessibility and Help

Accessibility aims

Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional

This site is conformable with the W3C (XHTML1.0 transitional) standard and maximum recommended by the French Network Administrator for Internet services access reference.

The association for physically disabled persons’ insertion (Groupement pour l'Insertion des personnes Handicapées Physiques (GIHP)was invited to participate in the tests and to check the site for correct accessibility thanks to a synthetic voice interface.
Special attention was paid to the following aspects:
- a correct element hierarchy warrants fast understanding and locating inside the site,
- thanks to a voice synthesis instrument, the components indication, e.g. the possibility of listing the links or titles, offers intuitive navigation,
- the menus and sub-menus can be accessed immediately,
- thanks to HTML versions, all contents can be accessed, including the Flash modules.

Text sizes

Contents text can be enlarged as required.
The main browsers allow one to modify the text size by a very simple procedure:
Internet Explorer: in the Visualize menu, select Character, that is the requested size option.
Mozilla, Firebox and Netscape: use the keys [Ctrl+] to enlarge, and [Ctrl-] to reduce.
Work: press the + or key of the digital keyboard or in the Visualize menu, select Zoom and select the desired size option.

Navigation assistance

The links at the beginning of the document facilitate navigation. Physically disabled “surfers”, especially the blinds, can access the necessary section to upload whatever page, instead of having to walk through a whole series of unwanted information.
Navigation inside the site is possible thanks to the Tab key of the keyboard. It is possible to move from one link to another by means of this key and pressing Enter to confirm.

Quick access keys

Quick access keys are available to browse through the site main screen pages. The procedure to use these keys varies with the browser.
1 = Go to main menu (Turn to Home page and select the items)
2 = Go to sub-menus (sub-items)
3 = Go to text contents
4 = Go to site map
5 = Access and “surf”

Required Configuration

This site is optimised to accommodate screens with 800 x 600 pixels, thousands of colours.
It can be accessed  from a PC via Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or higher), Netscape (version 7) Firefox, or via Mac with Safari, Firefox.

As this embodies many audio abstracts, video and interactive animation and high resolution images, a wide band connection is recommended.
Do not forget to plug in the loud speakers and to energize the audio system.

Audio abstracts, animations, slides, zoom and archive

The Flash 6 plug-in is required to view animations, listen to audio abstracts and for the slides, zoom and archive browsers.

It is recommended to upload a recent Flash version.